daily happenings

updated cash apps

Hey there, I just thought I’d give an update on my cash/groceries apps that I use.  The first numbers I’ll give are the numbers I reported on November 2, 2016 in my saving with rebates post.  Then I’ll give the updated numbers after.  ibotta: $153.75/$190.75 checkout51: $12.75/$22.55 walmart savings catcher: $23.26/$48.71 shopkick: $5/$10 As you can see,…… Continue reading updated cash apps


saving with rebates

I know… everyone reflexively winces when they hear the word “rebates” but I don’t know why! … because since March 2016 (only 7 full months) I have earned $200 in rebates/other grocery apps. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS.  Ibotta: $153.75 Checkout51: $12.75 Walmart Savings Catcher: $23.26 Shopkick: $5.00 “How?!” you ask incredulously. I will tell you.  … I’ll…… Continue reading saving with rebates