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updated 2017 goals

Hey y’all, it’s been too long! I’ve been busy, & honestly haven’t felt like blogging. But I thought I would give you an update on my 2017 goals that I made back in March!

Here’s the link to my previous post about my goals!  2017 goals <——-

  1. Read 5 books. — check!
  2. Spend a weekend in Dallas. — check!
  3. Visit my grandparents in Mount Hermon [at least] twice. 
  4. Go home for a visit. — check!
  5. Go to [at least] 5 concerts. — making progress! 
  6. Finish my semester out with a 4.0 — check!
  7. Meet my nephew & my friends’ new babies [2 & counting, another on the way!] — partial check!
  8. Pay off & get rid of my (first) credit card. — check!
  9. Visit my best friend’s new home in OK. 
  10. Visit New Orleans. 
  11. Go to a beach. 
  12. Go camping.
  13. Eat better/feel better. — work in progress, but check!
  14. Start saving money again. — check!
  15. Have my best friends together again. 


Okay, so! I’ve actually crushed quite a few of them already! 8/15, woo! More than halfway though, huh!

— I finished all 5 books back in, I don’t know, May, June. Since school started back up I haven’t touched any other books except my school ones, & I didn’t even read in the summer. I tried to start a couple books but they didn’t work out! 

— Alex & I spent a weekend in Dallas when we went to the Non-Point concert. 

— Even though I wanted to go to my grandparents for Thanksgiving again, we can’t this year. My schedule got changed (for like the TENTH time) so now I don’t have the weekend off to go. It’s a bummer, but maybe we’ll go before the end of the year. 

— We went home for a visit this summer & it was so nice. I actually got to see some of my aunts & all their kids and grandkids! We all ended up being up there at the same time, even though we didn’t plan it! It was wonderful. 

Concerts! Alex & I have seen 3 so far. The Non-Point show in Dallas & then just a couple of weekends ago, we say Chris Stapleton & then Jason Aldean the next weekend! 

— I finished my first semester out with a 4.0 & am working on finishing out my second semester out with one as well. It’s almost over, EEK! 

— While we were home for a visit, my sister came over & I met my nephew! I also got to meet my best friend’s baby boy Lincoln, & he was only a couple of weeks old! I was however, unable to work out a time to meet with my two friends’ babies, Rowyn and Hazel, which I am still sad about. 

— I paid off & got rid of my first credit card! 

— I won’t be able to visit my friend in Oklahoma after all.. She ended up moving back home pretty quickly, said bye to me right before my birthday in August. 

— We won’t visit New Orleans by the end of the year, but Alex’s mom is coming in January & we plan to go then!

— I don’t see a beach trip by the end of the year, sadly.

— Or a camping trip..

— Eating better and feeling better is a work in progress. It’s all about balance. Sometimes I struggle with that but hey, I’m only human!

— I’ve totally started saving money again, which makes me feel so good!!

— & there’s no hope for my best friends & I to be together again by the end of the year. They’re both back home now & im not going back home until next year..


How’re you doing on your goals for the year?!


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