vanity planet u.s.s review

I have always wanted a facial brush but I wasn’t interested in spending hundreds of dollars on one. Luck struck though & I found one on Groupon! I spent a fraction of the cost I would have without Groupon. (If you’ve never heard about Groupon….try it out!)

When I received it, I couldn’t wait to try it! This is what the box looked like when I opened the first box.

The case is neat & not huge & bulky…good for storage but also durable. The brush itself took two batteries. At first, I was worried about getting it wet but after using it a couple of times…it’s waterproof enough. It also goes at two different speeds, which is very nice. I thought I would need two speeds, but I like the first one & usually stay there. I may use the faster speed with the exfoliating head sometimes, but not always. It also came in a case to keep the brush and three heads in. This was important to me because where do you keep a facial brush? Standing up next to your toothbrush? Noooo. 

The heads are for different purposes. 

  1. the regular head– I use this for everyday cleansing, when I wake up and before I go to bed. The bristles are so very soft & it doesn’t irritate my skin at all
  2. the thick head– I call it this because it has thicker bristles, but plastic. This is used for exfoliating. I use it once a week, maybe twice if I need it.
  3. the rough head– I’m not entirely sure what this head is for, maybe your feet? It is coarser than the others, but still soft. So it might be used for something other than your face? I haven’t tried this part out yet. 

What I’ve read about Vanity Planet’s customer service so far is amazing. They seem to really be a company who cares about their customers. So-if this makes you want to try them then I believe there is no harm in doing so! 

[[I also have to say, I am not sponsored by Vanity Planet. I am not paid to write anything about them. This is my 100% honest review.]]

The only thing is- I thought it would easy for me to incorporate a facial brush into my daily routine, but it hasn’t necessarily been so. I take my makeup off with my face wash before I use the facewash again with the brush. (In order to not stain the bristles) This would be my only thought. Maybe make a black brush, so that the customer wouldn’t have to worry about staining their white bristles? 



  • Ordering Ease: N/A (Groupon)
  • Shipment/Receiving: 10/10 
  • Order Accuracy: 10/10
  • Product Quality: 9/10
  • Company Dealings: 9/10 

Overall: 95%

(I only rated the company dealings a 9 because I personally have not dealt with them. It was from the other reviews)

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