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holiday visit

Alex’s mom & brother flew down from WA a couple of days ago for a visit. So far, it’s been wonderful. 

We spent a day shopping and walking around the boardwalk downtown together. We took a mini road trip to Monroe, LA where Duck Dynasty is filmed and visited their shop/store. That was pretty cool. I made sure to pick up some souvenirs for my little brother & my grandpa, who both love the show. I picked up a Si bobblehead and a couple of cups as well as a coffee cup for Gramps. 

While we were in Monroe, we stopped by the new brewery that just opened up, The Flying Tiger. Alex & his brother both love beer so of course we had to go. Along with their specially brewers beer, they had a local coffee shop’s espresso that they were selling as well. Now, I’m not a huge beer fan. I’ve triedddd. But it just doesn’t taste very good to me, I don’t enjoy it.. so anyway, I tried the espresso because why not! & ugh. It was so bad! They said something about it being Nitrus poured, & I don’t know if that changes the flavor/taste of the espresso… but man. Not good. Because if there’s one thing I know about, it’s coffee. The first thing I noticed was that it was not hot, it was very cold, in a little glass that was probably only about 4/5 ounces. Which is all wrong.. it should be hot & if you’re going to fill the whole cup up then call it a double espresso because that’s really what it is. (A shot is 2ouncea) Then I tasted it, & it was very thin and acidic. Now don’t get me wrong, some espresso is more on the acidic side because of the different brewing factors, but most people don’t like the acidity. Anyway, I didn’t finish it. & we ended up picking up some Starbucks before we started the drive home. & last night we made meatloaf & potatoes with a salad for dinner, as well as no-bakes that I made for dessert. We had a fire last night & we all had a good time around it, singing & drinking & laughing. 

On top of all of that & the touristy things we did, we ate soooo much food. We made sure to take them to our favorite places. The day we went shopping, the first day, we went to Rotolo’s for lunch & they all had calzones. I had amy favorite hot chicken sandwich. Plus we got our favorite breadsticks. We also took them to Ralph & Kacoo’s which is a higher end restaurant that serves alligator! They loved the blackened alligator & the crawfish & catfish that we all had. But gator is the reigning favorite. Mmm, & the night we were coming back from Monroe, we took them to our favorite burger place, Twisted Root Burger Co. So yummy. Tonight, on their last night we stayed close to home & had Trejos, the Mexican restaurant near our house. They usually have wonderful piña coladas (but tonight it fell short).

Last night was supposed to be their last night but their flight today got delayed 4+ hours, making it a night flight. Flying in & flying out has really been the only hair-pulling thing we’ve had to deal with. Coming here, their flight got delayed in Houston for a couple of hours. & now today, it got delayed way longer than that, throwing off their connecting flight in Denver as well. Meaning they won’t get home to Seattle until sometime after 1am.. 


All in all, it’s been a wonderful visit, we’ve all really enjoyed ourselves.

P.S- I know it’s been a while since I’ve written, but I’ve been extra busy with the holidays & shopping & I’ve been working more too. Plus their visit! So thanks for reading & keeping up with me. 

Until next time…


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