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I have a couple of apps that I use everyday that are kind of off-the-wall & of course some that are normal…& I thought I’d tell you about them!

  • mail- I definitely check my mail every day, or at least I try to.
  • frequent flyer- this app uses your location in the background but that’s how you rack up points– then you trade the points in for gift cards or airline miles! Check it out here 
  • achievemint- this app tracks your daily activity–it connects to your other health apps on your phone (even Fitbit/Nike apps) & you get points for everything you do/log in your apps. Once you hit 10,000 points you get $10! Your phone tracks steps automatically in the health app so why not get some money out of it! Check it out here
  • fitbit- I was using this everyday, logging my food/water/sleep, but mine just broke (sad day) so I won’t be using it again until I get it replaced
  • ibotta
  • walmart
  • checkout51 — I’ve already written a post about my grocery apps but I use these religiously & they have definitely been worth it. You can read my other post about them here
  • moves- this is an app that counts your steps per day, it uses your location & it’ll tell you how far you went at each place
  • spotify- this is a music app that you can make your own playlists, & even download the songs that you want straight onto your phone

These are just some everyday apps that I use. If you have some cool, quirky apps that you use, comment & tell me about them!


*image from Google

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