6 ways to start saving

Everyone wants to save money, especially in the world that we live in today. Your life can drastically change in a second & you’d be crazy to not want some extra cash tucked away somewhere.

So here’s a couple ways to start tucking money away! 

  1. x% per paycheck— take a look at your bills & determine what you could afford to take from your paychecks. Transfer that amount into your savings account every payday & leave it alone.
  2. open a Fidelity account— decide how much you can put away per month & tuck it away in an IRA. Start investing it & your money could grow insanely. 
  3. Cash jar— keep a jar somewhere where you toss your loose change & cash into. 
  4. open a new checkings/saving account— some banks will give you bonuses (as much as $400!) for opening a new account with them & meeting certain requirements. It’ll promote saving because you’ll have to keep a certain amount in the account!
  5. resist temptation— when you see something you just have to have at the store, or when you’d really like some ice cream on the way home, tell yourself no. & then when you get home, put the money you would’ve spent on the item or treat in your savings or cash jar. 
  6. set a goal— “by this day I want to have $x saved up!” & then do it! It might work best for you to give yourself a deadline!

If you or someone you know have some other ideas for saving money, let me know! 


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6 thoughts on “6 ways to start saving

  1. #5 reminds me of Lifehacker 🙂 The gist is, if you spot something you like, don’t buy it. Wait for a month. By then, the temptation dies. On another note, I stumbled on your blog via Community Pool. I’d love it if you could check out my blog! Thanks a million! 😀

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