you don’t have a planner?!

If you don’t have a planner, you’re missing out. Seriously. 

I have always had more than one job, I don’t know, you could say I just like to be busy. But, with two different jobs (neither of which are full time) your schedule can get hectic. Let alone adding your personal life on top of that! I’ve had & used my planner religiously since I was 16. At 16, I was babysitting for four different families, working on the weekends, & I had sports & club activities during the week. Writing everything down in my planner was the only way I could keep all of my activities straight. & I haven’t stopped. 

I haven’t babysat since my big move, but I still use my planner to write down when I work at both jobs, events, bill due dates, goal deadlines, school deadlines & even random notes. 

Both my parents have planners that they use everyday as well. My dad has two jobs that he writes in. My mom has one & a half, kinda. There’s another hospital that calls her & asks her if she wants to work so & so days. She’s also in school & it helps her keep her assignments & project due dates straight. 

About a year ago, I bought both of my best friends their own planners. They would always make fun of me & my planning. But then, they started using it, a little at first– reluctant to give in– but they eventually did. & now they LOVE their planners. (Big win for me!)

So, if you don’t have a planner, go out & get one right now! Okay, no but seriously!! It’ll change your life. 

*image from Google

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