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I’ve had some serious hair/skin problems since moving to Louisiana… My hair has never been so dry before, breaking off like crazy, “dreading” all day (even when I brush it) & the humidity has NOT been kind to my skin. With the heat & the humidity combined, I look like I’m 12 & going through puberty all over again. I’ve never had such problems before so I’ve been really struggling! 

I finally bought some organic coconut oil that I use on the ends of my hair after my shower. I try to use it as a hair mask once/twice a month too but it takes 3 washes afterwards to get it all the way out (& sometimes that’s too much for me) I also use argon oil on my hair too, I have always used that or Moroccan oil, conditioner as well. But all of that has really not proved to be any help for my hair.

& my face. I do not have terrible acne, I never have. However, since moving to a humid state from a dry state, the type of zits & spots I get are different. I used to get only a couple of ingrown zits every couple of months (the big hard, painful spots that you can’t  pop) but I was getting three to four every other week when I first moved here. It was terrible. I also got normal zits, they were just different from the ones I got back home. I don’t really know how to explain it. My face had never, ever been so bad. I’m not the most confident person, & I’m not the least confident person either… but crazy terrible zits all over your face paired with dry crazy hair in a brand new place… oh man. As if moving to a new state wasn’t stressful enough!

I went back to Aveeno for my face wash & moisturizer, instead of more harmful products. I made sure to buy a charcoal bar for my face as well. I also try to do a nice mask once a week or so, which has shown to be helpful! I also started to take a daily vitamin & made sure that I was drinking as much water as I could bare. (I’ve never been an ecstatic water drinker) My face had just about gotten used to the heat & humidity & now the weather has the nerve to go & change! This last week my face has been extra dry but it’s better now. 
No matter what I do, I can only take it one day/week & a time. If you have had any similar problems help me! Ha please! Let me know what worked for you, it could be my saving grace too! If you have any helpful ideas as well, be sure to shoot them my way! Thanks so much. 

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2 thoughts on “hair/skin problems

  1. Hi there,
    I did read your problems and found a great similarity with mine. Coming from a humid state myself, I’d gone through the same problems. However I’m past that now and after a good research and tried and tested tricks, my skin and hair are much better now. Lucky for you I had written my entire experience in a post on my blog
    Hope this helps you!
    Sorry had to retype my comment, there was some problem with the first.

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