daily happenings

busy busy day

So we’ve been in our house since the end of August but we finally got around to planning a get together. Today was such a busy busy day for me/us & I feel so accomplished that I have to write it down! 

I woke up at 4am this morning & went to work. Came back & took an amazing nap. Then I got up when Alex got home from work & we went into town. 


  • Had dinner
  • Went to Home Depot
  • Went to Brookeshire’s (& waited for ever in the checkout line for the cashier to do TWO price checks…ugh)
  • Went to Walmart
  • Came home

When we got home we had so much to do. 

I started on the side dishes for tomorrow– pasta salad & German potato salad! (Both new recipes that I found & tried off Pinterest

Then I made brownies. 

Alex did some hard work outside while I cooked. He dug a hole for our fire pit & trimmed all the trees back. 

Then he put the new coffee table together! It looks so nice, I can’t wait to use it! & hung up my shelf in the foyer (finally) 

I cleaned the kitchen. Alex swept the whole house. I cleaned the bathroom. Alex dusted. I cleaned my whole closet (!!!) & picked up the bedroom. Alex finished up his laundry. 
Together we knocked out almost everything that we needed to get done before tomorrow & it feels so good! 

I was moving all day today! (Minus my nap) but I moved so much that this is the first day I’ve reached all my goals with my FitBit!! (I’ve only had it for two weeks or so) IM SO EXCITED

Wooo. Crazzzzy busy day. But I love the feeling of accomplishment after you have an extra productive day, don’t you?! 

Can’t wait for our BBQ tomorrow! 


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