saving with rebates

I know… everyone reflexively winces when they hear the word “rebates” but I don’t know why! … because since March 2016 (only 7 full months) I have earned $200 in rebates/other grocery apps. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. 

  • Ibotta: $153.75
  • Checkout51: $12.75
  • Walmart Savings Catcher: $23.26
  • Shopkick: $5.00

How?!” you ask incredulously. I will tell you. 

I’ll start with Ibotta because it’s my favorite, I’ve had it the longest & it has the most available rebates, always.

You can download Ibotta for any phone kind. Even better, if you use this link, you’ll use my code & get 10 FREE dollars when you sign up & claim your first rebate with my special referral code.

Ibotta- Free $10

PLUS- Ibotta doesn’t just have rebates on groceries!!! They’ve recently added:

  • CLOTHING stores!
  • Discounts at local restaurants!
  • MOBILE APP purchases (such as Groupon, jet, & Ticketmaster!)
  • Even gas station purchases!

It’s easy. 

  1. Start by browsing through all of the featured stores
  2. “Favorite” your favorite stores
  3. Browse through those stores’ available rebates
  4. “Unlock” your chosen rebates– could be a short video, a multiple choice question, a did-you-know question, a recipe, etc. 
  5. Go shopping
  6. Select rebates that you wish to claim
  7. Scan barcodes of the rebate items purchased (as you shop or when you get home, I just find it easier/more convenient to do while I’m shopping. AND you can double check the rebate qualifications before you checkout & leave the store) 
  8. Checkout
  9.  Scan receipt

Simple as that!

You connect your Ibotta with your Facebook & it builds you a team. You & your team can complete bonuses every month to earn extra money. It also ranks you & your teammates’ earnings. YOU CAN ALSO EARN MONEY THROUGH REFERRALS. 

Whenever you want you can withdraw your money through PayPal or you can get it in giftcard form for a number of different stores! 

—->Now I am warning you, I love Ibotta, so I use it religiously. & that’s how I’ve made so much money. I’m always at the grocery store it seems, & there’s always a rebate I can claim because all of the rebates are on things we buy everyday.

Checkout51 is another rebate app that I’ve only had for two full months [September 9th] With Checkout51 you can earn money faster, because the rebates for items are higher (mostly $1) versus Ibotta. HOWEVER, Checkout51 has a fraction of the rebates that Ibotta offers. 

You do not have to scan every barcode with Checkout51 like you do with Ibotta, only sometimes. (I think I’ve had to do it a total of 3 times)

As soon as you’ve earned $20.00 Checkout51 will write you a check! 

Walmart Savings Cather is amazing & if you don’t have it then you’re missing out on savings EVERYDAY. 

All you do is scan your Walmart receipt & it automatically searches for better deals at all of the local competitors. You don’t have to do anything except scan your receipt in & YOU EARN MONEY BACK. 

I’ve only known about & been using this since September 9th as well. Whenever you want, you can transfer your savings into an egiftcard. 

*Easiest savings app to use, least amount of effort required to save.

Shopkick is the last savings app that I know of (to date) that I’m sharing with you. 

This link will getcha started! —> Shopkick 

Shopkick is the only savings app that I have where no purchase is necessary to earn money. That’s RIGHT! NO PURCHASE NECCESSARY. 

With Shopkick, you can earn “kicks” many ways. 

  • Simply walking into a store! (Walk-ins)
  • Walking around the store & scanning product barcodes (Scan) 
  • You can link your credit card & earn when you purchase with that card (Purchase)
  • You CAN submit receipts for select items & receive kicks (Receipts)
  • AND you can earn kicks by referring friends too!

I’ve only had Shopkick since September 28th & I have already earned enough kicks for a &5.00 gift card to one of their featured stores! But I am going to rack up my kicks, I’m aiming for 75,000 kicks so I can trade them in for a $300 Tiffany & Co. giftcard!!!

Alright guys! I know that was a lot but I hope it was educational for you & you will start SAVING BIG with these apps! 

If you happen to know about apps that I don’t then feel free to let me know! I loveeee saving money! Hehe. 

Let me know if you have any questions about how the apps work, I’ll answer them for you. 


*Featured Image from Google 

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