ecoflower review

I was browsing Facebook one day & saw an ad for ecoflower. I instantly fell in love with their hand carved wooden, (yes WOODEN) flowers. They also have signs & other decorative items that I loved as well! & they even smelled good!

My bouquet: Sweater Weather 

My boyfriend’s mom’s birthday was in two weeks so I went ahead & ordered her a bouquet. They were having a wonderful buy one get one free sale so I made sure to take advantage of that & get myself one as well. (Because they may be beautifully done but they were not cheap.)
When it came to the checkout & shipping methods I didn’t see anywhere where I could send a gift to. I called the contact number & spoke to someone & he told me that unfortunately they did not have the ability to send orders to two different locations just yet. Total bummer. But I said okay & bought them anyway. I had them both shipped to my house & then I would send her her’s all wrapped up in their special gift wrap. At checkout, they remind you that it can take 5-10 days for your order to be completed (hand crafted remember) & then another 2-5 business days for your order to reach you.


  • 10th of October- I placed order
  • 18th of October- I received an email that my order was on the way w/tracking number
  • 25th of October-I received the package


  • It took them 8 days to handmake my order (within the quoted time)
  • My tracking number through DSL never did work & I had to call them on the 25th to find out where my order was..
  • I received the package out of the quoted 2-5 day shipping period. (8 total days, 6 whole business days)
  • When I opened my package, they had not included the $14.99 gift wrap.
  • The bouquets were a little smaller than I had imagined, but they were still nice.

I was very disappointed when I realized they had forgotten the gift wrap. It was, after all, another $15 we spent. & it was supposed to be a gift! I already couldn’t just send it straight to her if I wanted the deal… & now there was no gift wrap. Plus it had taken them longer to deliver it. Alex’s mom’s birthday had been a couple of days before so we were already running late with the gift.. I called about the missing giftwrap though, & receiving a refund for it was not too difficult. They did try to give me a $15 store credit instead but I opted for the full refund instead because I already had a coupon for next time.

Her bouquet: Free The Gypsy 


  • Ordering Ease: 8/10
  • Shipment/Receiving: 5/10
  • Order Accuracy: 7/10
  • Product Quality: 9/10
  • Company Dealings: 8/10

Overall: 74% 

(when I figure out how, I will make this into a rating chart) IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW I CAN DO THIS PLEASE LET ME KNOW! K, thanks! 


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