daily happenings

the big move

Everyone asks me how & why I ended up here, so this is how I ended up in Lousiana…

Back in May, Alex & I moved me over to Montana with him. A couple weeks before that, he has applied for a promotion down south, in Louisiana… Well, I was there for two & a half weeks before he was offered the job. (at that point, I was glad I hadn’t finished unpacking all the way) So I put in my two weeks at both jobs that I had just gotten two weeks before & started cleaning the house in preparation for moving AGAIN!

Two weeks passed, & we packed the rest of our stuff into the bed of the truck, & said goodbye to Montana at 4am. The drive was absolutely terrible. 27 hours in a big bouncy truck with a dog & a puppy… We drove 13 hours the first day & made it to a Denver, where we stayed with my Aunt who lives there. Seeing her & my uncle was wonderful. I hadn’t seen her for almost a year. But we got up the next morning & drive all day until we finally arrived at 3am…

& now we’re here, living life in our new house with our fur babies. (yes, we moved AGAIN but it’s permanent this time)  I got two new jobs (again) & applied to school for Spring 2017. & Alex continues to love his job!

Let me just say, I do not recommend driving cross country with a puppy.. Actually, on second thought, I don’t know if I’d recommend it at all! Ha. But no matter how crazy the last couple of months have been, I wouldn’t change anything. This is exactly where I’m supposed to be..



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