daily happenings

6am thoughts

I was driving to work at 6am this morning. Usually I leave at 430am or 5am, depending on my start time. So today I got to sleep an extra hour or so & then get up & go.

As I made my commute to work, I noticed how lively the road was compared to my normal commute a half hour to an hour earlier in the day..

Isn’t it strange that every day, people everywhere, get up & go about their lives… driving to work, going grocery shopping, taking the kids to school, running in the dark, opening up shop, grabbing breakfast & coffee.

All of us have different lives we lead, different schedules, all over the world, yet… we’re all connected in that way..

Every day the world starts over.

Every day we live together.

Isn’t is strange?

I had these thoughts early this morning & it took me a second to realize what an amazing place this is…


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