daily happenings

the crazy pumpkin ordeal

Buckle up, its story time! 

This past Saturday [October 22, 2016] my boyfriend Alex & I went to the pumpkin patch for some pumpkins. That’s all I wanted: to trudge through the pumpkin patch & find some pumpkins to take home & carve. (& maybe, maybeeee go through the maze if it wasn’t too busy). I didn’t get the chance to do anything for Halloween last year so I was extra excited for it this year.

We got to the patch & it was packed! Little kids were running everywhere, parents yelling after them. Even while we were standing in line, some little boy ducked under the rope & stomped on my toes running from his red-faced mom. I mean, we probably should have expected it to be busy… it was a Saturday, midday, & the Saturday before Halloweekend at that. But Alex wasn’t feeling well & I guess I was just too excited to think about it. So we’re waiting in line & we finally make it to the window & its $12 per person. If we would’ve wanted to stay & do all of the extra activities, that would have been fine… but Alex wasn’t feeling up anything extra. So we were going to pay $24 for rides to the patch & back & then another $2 each for a pumpkin…. no, thank you. We told the lady that we only wanted to go the patch & get pumpkins & she said we’d have to pay the whole amount if we wanted that…but that we could just buy pumpkins & then walk in & grab them right inside the farm if we’d like to do that instead, for only the price of the pumpkins. Now, you can understand my annoyance at the situation. Alex, who doesn’t feel good to begin with, just drove 40+ minutes out of town with me to this farm for a pumpkin-patch-pumpkin-picking experience & now we couldn’t even go to the patch without spending $30!! AHH! So instead of going to the patch & getting two pumpkins, we spent $20 & got 10 pumpkins! The whole crazy pumpkin ordeal still put a smile on my face, so I guess it turned out alright… ha!

& since there was no patch experience, there was also no photo opt.. so we had to wait until we got home way later that night. But here’s me with my $20 worth of pumpkins & my two fur babies (who I will tell you all about in my next post!)


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